Remembering the Man Who Gave His Life Defending a Dog From Abuse

Krockett Krieger’s selfless act of love for a dog he had never met gives true insight into the unconditional love between humans and animals.

David Lynn "Krocket" Krieger
David Lynn “Krockett” Krieger with his own dogs, Trout and Sophie.

It was the ultimate sacrifice: A few weeks ago, David Lynn Krieger lost his life when he defended a dog he didn’t even know from a man who was brutally abusing the dog.

Krieger — or Krockett, as his friends knew him — was well known around his Michigan neighborhood as an animal lover. When he saw a man beating and kicking the dog in the parking lot where he worked, Krieger couldn’t just turn and look the other way.

After a heated exchange, the man turned to face Krieger and fired 2 fatal gunshots.

Roy Thompson, a convicted felon who was out on parole, has been arrested and charged with murder as well as several unlawful firearms charges. Oddly enough, Thompson is claiming self-defense.

David and Ashlie Krieger
Krieger and his wife, Ashlie.

Meanwhile, an online fundraising campaign has raised more than $32,000 so far to help Krieger’s surviving family, including his wife, Ashlie, and their 2 rescue dogs, Trout and Sophie.

“At a later date, we will be establishing an animal-related memorial to ensure Krockett’s legacy of love for animals is forever remembered,” says the GoFundMe page, “but for now, we need to ensure that the immediate needs of his family and final arrangements and are being taken care of.”

As many animal lovers are reflecting on such an untimely death for Krieger, who was 53, and questioning why this happened, family friend Christine Wilke sums it up nicely:

“God had a job opening for ‘Keeper of the Rainbow Bridge.’ He has one now — the absolute BEST man for the job.”

Sources: Life With Dogs, BarkPost

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