Dog Nearly Dies After Chewing Up a Kong Toy

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Kongs are not indestructible — as the company itself has always pointed out.

By: dani0010
Supervise your dog’s playtime, and inspect toys for cracks or other damage. By: dani0010

We’ve pointed out before that no dog toy is truly indestructible, and here comes another sad reminder.

Keri Pavlick of Medina, Ohio says her 11-year-old Labrador Retriever, Laci, is fighting for life in an intensive care unit after chewing apart a Kong toy and swallowing pieces of it.

Laci was hospitalized after she vomited chunks of the toy. An ultrasound showed more red plastic inside the dog’s body.

“I was shocked because I never thought that could happen to a Kong toy,” says Pavlick, adding that medical costs have already reached $8,000.

Kong itself has long stressed in its own marketing materials that “no dog toy is indestructible.”

The company has sold millions of toys, but there have been only a few bad incidents, according to company founder Joe Markham. He points out that the packaging always includes important safety precautions, including size recommendations and suggested human supervision when pets are playing with the toys.

“I really just wanted people to hear this story so they don’t have to go through this,” says Pavlick.

So remember this: If a dog can chew it, it can fall apart.

Source: WKYC

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