She Dyed Her Kitten Pink, and Then the Kitten Died (Or Did It?)

Either way, animal welfare advocates are not amused by the publicity stunt. They want police to investigate.

Is this cat alive?
The kitten died, according to media reports. But Elena Lenina says her cat is alive and well.

Russian writer, actress, and kooky hairstyle maven Elena Lenina has come under fire after her cat — whose fur had been dyed a shocking pink last fall for a publicity stunt — reportedly died from toxic blood poisoning.

Lenina, who says she hired hairdressers to color the cat’s fur for a pink-themed social event, has hit back at the reports. She says the cat is actually alive and posted pictures on social media of the kitty, whose normally white fur appears now to be stained mauve.

The writer also says her vet had told her the dye was “a beneficial addition” as it contained “healing properties and strengthens the cat’s hair.”

If you just rolled your eyes, you’re not alone. Animal welfare advocates disagree with the writer’s claims and questionable treatment of the cat, prompting one online commenter to call the act “stupid and heartless.” Other critics have petitioned police to investigate.

Don’t dye your cats. They groom by constantly licking themselves, and coating their fur with a toxic product can mean potentially fatal consequences. Also, keep in mind that they’re a part of your family — not an accessory.

If you must, please use a nontoxic, pet-safe dye made specifically for animals.

Sources: Huffington PostMirror, Daily Mail

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