A Girl and Her Dog Are Photographed in the Same Settings. This Is Fascinating.

Jesse Holland says she’s hooked on taking these gorgeous side-by-side photos of her daughter and their Boston Terrier.

Photos: Copyright Jesse Holland.
So, who’s wearing it better? Photos: Copyright Jesse Holland

When Jesse Holland got a hat as a gift from her parents last year, the photographer took pictures of her young daughter and her dog modeling it.

Seeing the snapshots side-by-side inspired Holland to create a series of photographs captioned “One dog. One baby. Who wore it better?”

Different scenarios are always popping up to keep her hobby amusing. She has photographed the precious duo in many poses, including playing dress-up, exploring the great outdoors and enjoying ice cream cones.

Even after 1 year into the project, each day seems to bring yet another keepsake adventure.








For more, see Holland’s work on Tumblr and on Facebook.

Sources: WHUDAT, Bored Panda

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