The Puppy Is Taken, and So Is His Dad (Sorry, Ladies)

When a shelter posted this photo to Facebook, commenters wondered, “How can I adopt the owner?”

You’re in good hands, Hugo. By: Pet’s Haven Animal Shelter

Just as it does on many days, an animal shelter posted a photo on its Facebook page showing a puppy in the arms of the person who had just signed for him during an adoption event.

But this particular photo quickly took on a life of its own.

“Ridiculously Photogenic Adoption Guy” is what Buzzfeed is calling Ben Henderson, shown in the now-viral photo holding his new puppy, Raffa (now called Hugo).

Many of the hundreds of comments on the photo were asking the same question — “Where can I adopt HIM?” While some people may have been referring to Hugo, it soon became clear that many were more interested in Henderson’s smiling mug.

One woman wrote: “Do you have any more men like him up for adoption?”

Another commenter made a wise suggestion: “I think you [at the shelter] might need to use him as your pet adoption pinup boy.”

Someone even put together a meme:


And another…


Henderson’s fiancée wasted no time in posting a photo of her ring finger sporting a shiny engagement ring, letting everyone know her man was already taken.

Pet’s Haven Animal Shelter near Melbourne, Australia says 30 animals found forever homes during the adoption event. “We are all so happy that the ‘Adoption of a Puppy’ has gone viral,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “Let’s hope this story provides more homes for animals.”

As for Hugo the puppy, the staffie/mastiff mix is doing just fine. He and his dad even have an Instagram account now:

Baby Hugo! #staffy#mastiff#adventure#hotadoptionguy#puppylove

A photo posted by Ben And Hugo Offical Page (@ben_and_hugo) on

Sources: Yahoo, BuzzFeed

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