Nothing but First Class for “Hank the Tank”

Three-year-old Hank must feel the love as he soars through the air — always first class.

By: Madelein Doux
Hefty Hank is 165 pounds of love on a hand-pulled cart. By: madeleinedoux

A passenger boarding an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Denver captured an unusual photo that went viral this week. Mashable called it “2015’s best nature photograph.”

Madeleine Sweet was in total awe as an overweight mastiff was rolled aboard on a dolly. She had never seen a dog quite so large.

Sweet saw the pooch’s companion, later identified as Kari Whitman, talking with flight attendants as she handed them 2 tickets. The pair was directed to 2 first-class seats, but the dog preferred sprawling out on the floor near his seat.

According to Sweet, the dog was the perfect passenger — unlike many humans she has seen in her travels.

Whitman has since spoken out about her 165-pound “baby,” sharing that “Hank the Tank” is her service dog who predicts her seizures. She explained that Hank had recently had surgery and can’t walk.

Hank was “rescued from death” by Whitman as a pup from an LA shelter. Here’s his Instagram profile.

Sources: Discovery News, NBC4

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