Amazing Hamster-Powered Machine Draws Hamster Selfies

Mind blown.

The Hamster Powered Hamster Drawing Machine is the machine hamsters everywhere have been waiting for. By: prostheticknowledge
This is the machine hamsters everywhere have been waiting for. Photos by: prostheticknowledge

Artist Neil Mendoza has gained fame for his ability to bring inanimate objects to life via technology.

Mendoza, who is also well-versed in robotics, has branched out and created something unique: a machine that runs on hamster power and draws hamsters.

That’s right — hamsters now have the ability to draw their own selfies simply by running on their hamster wheel.


Although the technical explanation is a bit beyond me, basically Mendoza used technology to link special cameras to an LCD screen. Then when hamster Joji runs, he can create an image of himself all while getting his workout in.

Hamsters aren’t alone in their ability to create artwork. The Vogelkop Gardener bowerbird creates beautiful nests to woo mates, and a male chimpanzee, Congo, had his hand-drawn artwork displayed in the Institute of Contemporary Arts in 1957. But Joji appears to be the first hamster to use a specialized machine to draw his own portrait.

Here’s a video with more:

Thanks to Mendoza, gym selfies are now a thing for hamsters.

But they’ve got us beat hands down — we humans have to stop and take our snapshot. Joji gets his workout in and his close-up all at the same time. I think he’s got the better part of the deal!

* * *

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