Photo of Cat “Without Pants” Goes Viral

And I’m blushing, for good reason! It’s darn near pornographic. (Well, not really.)

C'mon, now, I'm blushing! By: edwardhowrongtu
C’mon, now, I’m blushing! By: edwardhowrongtu

A post-surgical cat recently became the talk of the Internet after a photo of his half-shaved body surfaced.

Within a couple of days of being posted, the show-stopping image had been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

The memorable pose — handsome orange cat relaxing with his hairless bottom half-exposed — drew numerous comments. Although some people thought it looked like a “half chicken, half cat,” others likened it to a “turkey in a cat suit.”

However, not everyone thought the photo was funny. More than one person expressed discomfort at seeing a “naked” cat.

We don’t know many details about this photo — for example, what sort of surgery required such a shave. But we do hope this cat gets his coat back before the weather gets too cold.

Source: Mirror

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