Great Dane Makes an Incredible Service Dog for Girl, 11

The giant pooch helps Bella get to all of her classes at school. “He acts smaller than he actually is,” says the girl.

Video stills by: ABC News
Bella and George. Video stills by: ABC News

You’d be forgiven for doing a double-take when you see a tiny girl named Bella paired up with her 131-pound service dog, a Great Dane named George.

Bella, 11, of Massachusetts, was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome when she was 2. The genetic disorder affects her bone growth, causing her to be shorter than average and making it a struggle to walk.

Before the giant service dog entered her life, Bella relied on a wheelchair or crutches to get from place to place. Now she has George by her side.

Their size difference is no problem. “He acts smaller than he actually is,” Bella says with a smile. “He helps me a lot. I lean on him like a crutch.”

Getting around at school.
Getting around at school.

The pair are practically inseparable. George accompanies her to each of her classes. While she is busy learning, he catches little naps.

At the end of the day, they share the same bed, resting up for the next day’s adventures.

Bella used to rely on crutches. Now she has George to lean on.
Bella used to rely on crutches. Now she has George to lean on.

Source: ABC

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