Ridick Is the Houdini of Great Danes and Proves It

The thrill-seeking dog spent some time investigating his new neighborhood from a rooftop.

C'mon, Ridick. Great Danes don't belong on rooftops. By: Wendy Steele/Country 92-5/iHeart Radio
C’mon, Ridick. Great Danes don’t belong on rooftops. By: Wendy Steele/Country 92-5/iHeart Radio

Picture this: You’re puttering around the house getting ready for work in the morning. When you idly glance outside, your gaze lands on the neighbor’s place. And your neighbor’s Great Dane… who’s on the roof.

Wait, what?

This is exactly what happened to country radio host and animal adoption advocate Wendy Steele of Middletown, Connecticut, the other day. Steele’s neighbor and her 2 Great Danes were new to the neighborhood and apparently Ridick, one of the dogs, wanted to check things out for himself by butting through the screen and climbing onto the roof.

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With the dogs’ human at work already, Steele called 911 and firefighters responded to what was probably one of their more unique calls.

Firefighter Mike Souza managed to get into the house and coax Ridick safely back inside via a window. But apparently Ridick wasn’t done looking because a few minutes later, he tried to escape again.

Thankfully the firefighters were on their toes and able to prevent Ridick from creeping back out the window. After securing the house, firefighters returned to the station, where they comically tweeted #wedontjustsavecats and #neveradullmoment.

The dogs’ human, Taylor Layne Smith, found out about the incident a few hours later when a friend shared a news story about it on her Facebook page. “I’m looking at the picture realizing its Ridick on our new house’s roof,” Smith recalls. “I flew straight home and, thanks to everyone’s, help [the dogs] were still safe in the house.”

“Ridick is a Houdini and can open doors, unlock windows, and then open them,” she says.

Thankfully there were no injuries, and the tale will go down in Middletown history. As for Ridick, here’s hoping he keeps his paws on the ground from now on.

Sources: BarkPostMiddletown Patch, MyInforms, Facebook

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