The Story of 2 Unlikely Animal Friends Who Formed a Unique Bond

Isobel Springett placed a crying, orphaned fawn on her Great Dane’s bed. The dog took one soulful look, and the rest was history.

The Great Dane and the young deer hit it off instantly. Video stills via: Nat Geo

Kate and Pippin were best friends.

Isobel Springett discovered Pippin, an abandoned fawn, in the woods near her farm while out on a walk with her Great Dane, Kate.

The mother deer never returned, so when the fawn cried for days, Springett brought the baby inside and placed her in Kate’s dog bed. Kate accepted the fawn immediately and was a natural mother.

Springett bottle-fed the fawn, and soon Pippin was up and walking around and eager to return to her natural habitat.

“She insisted on sleeping outside at night in the woods on her own as a tiny little thing,” Springett recalls.

Kate adopted the fawn, Pippen, as her own daughter.

“We Were Lucky”

Pippin enjoyed the best of 2 worlds — the freedom of romping in the woods and the luxury of munching on bananas, cereals and breads.

Even though Pippin disappeared into the woods daily, she regularly visited her friend, Kate, for dog and deer play dates.

“Kate would be out looking for her in the morning, but she’d always show up, so we were lucky,” Springett says of the unique bond between the 2 unlikely friends.

Pippen would “always show up, so we were lucky,” says Isobel Springett.

New Arrivals

As Pippin grew and matured, she’d often stay away for longer periods, worrying Springett.

Eventually, Pippin returned to the farm pregnant with twins. After she gave birth, she kept the babies hidden. Springett searched but never found the fawns.

Then, about 5 weeks later, Pippin appeared with her babies in tow. Springett named them Heidi and Zeke.

Sadly, Kate died in 2014, but her friend Pippin thankfully is now self-sufficient in the wild.

A feline family member gets a special kiss.

Sources: Little Things, YouTube

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