Starving, Homeless Dog Lands Job at Police Station

A whole new world has opened up for Gorgi — one where he feels the love.

By: Policía de Puerto Rico
Sgt. Tony Montesinos and Gorgi. By: Policía de Puerto Rico

A stray dog showed up at a police station and found nothing but love from the officers who worked there.

Gorgi, as the homeless dog came to be known, approached a police command center in Puerto Rico last year looking haggard and thin. Sgt. Tony Montesinos remembers being able to sense that the dog longed to be loved and protected. The dog’s friendliness surprised all of the officers, as signs of past abuse were apparent.

Everyone pitched in some money to have Gorgi checked out by a veterinarian, and then their office became his home.

Before long, Gorgi was declared the office surveillance dog. He received a badge and a vest in honor of his new position — his main role is being there for fellow officers in their time of need after a grueling day of work.

“Everyone loves him,” Montesinos says. “He will have everything he needs for as long as he lives.”

Having a family who is there for him is the best part of Gorgi’s job. This sweet dog finally knows what it’s like to be happy and needed.

Source: The Dodo

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