This Cat Lost an Eye in a Fight — Look What They Replaced It With

Yes, it’s a stick-on, googly eye. And it’s kinda fabulous.

The sticker is a temporary replacement.
The sticker is a temporary replacement.

Who would have thought that a black cat with a fake googly eye (and one real eye) would become famous?

Well, we all know cats get a lot of attention online — I’m looking at you, Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow and Maru — so maybe it should come as no surprise that a googly-eyed kitty would do the same.

When Stuart Green of England tweeted the dilemma of his friend’s cat and posted pictures of him, hundreds of people responded. That was 9 months ago, and his story is still going strong.

The cat, who lost an eye in a fight, was given a stick-on replacement supposedly to boost his self-esteem.

According to Green, the cat’s newly restored confidence has him out “sporting with the ladies” once again.

Sources: Yahoo, Mirror

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