Goldfish Doing Swimmingly Well After Brain Tumor Surgery

Any pet, large or small, deserves the best of life. George the goldfish got just that when he was given a life-saving operation.

George the goldfish goes under the knife. By: Lort Smith Animal Hospital
George the goldfish goes under the knife. By: Lort Smith Animal Hospital

According to Dr. Tristan Rich, a veterinarian at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, surgeries on a goldfish are rare — he has performed only 10 in his career.

His most recent patient was a 10-year-old goldfish named George, who belongs to Lyn Orton and Pip Joyce.

George had developed a brain tumor, and Orton and Joyce could only watch as their pet struggled to swim or eat.

Consulting with Dr. Rich, they were given 2 options:

  1. Remove the growth, which would be a delicate operation.
  2. Or have George euthanized.

George’s family chose the first option.

The 45-minute-long, $200 surgery began with anesthesia. George’s blood loss had to be closely monitored. Because of his tiny size, he could lose only so much.

Water was pumped into his gills to keep him breathing. The sensitive operation was soon completed, and George was given antibiotics and pain medication.

He is now back at home, swimming around in the pond with his 38 fish mates.

Source: Yahoo

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