10 Pets Beating the Heat at the Beach in the Best Ways

These pets joined their humans for a day on the sand … with decidedly mixed results.

Summer is fast approaching. In many parts of the country, people have already begun flocking to the beaches.

But what’s a beach day without your best friend? Our pets love a little beach time, too, and they’re more than willing to join you for a day of relaxing fun. Of course, some pets take to the beach better than others. Some love it, some hate it and some are just baffled by the whole thing.

These 10 pets joined their parents for a day on the sand … with mixed results.

1. This kitty knows just how to round out a perfect day at the beach. Let’s just hope he’s not driving.

2. PSA to this pup: Eating seaweed is NOT the same as eating grass. Not by a long shot.

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3. “Excuse me, sir. Can’t you see I’m trying to tan here?”

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4. This pupper looks devastated that he has to wait 30 minutes after eating to swim. Sorry, rules are rules!

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5. The sad moment when high tide washes away your sand castle. Doggone it!

By: mayadb

6. This poor pooch looks so confused by his own footprints. “Is someone following me?!”

By: silviagc

7. We’re not sure if it’s this iguana’s first trip to the beach, but he looks like he’s found a slice of heaven.

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8. When you’re so excited to be at the beach that you walk on water. Literally.

By: funnyhatphotos

9. “What’s down here?! Is it a crab?!”

By: fransdewit

10. And the saddest beach moment of all: When Mom and Dad say it’s time to go home.

By: Grauke/O

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