9 Pets Who Want to Be Anywhere but at the Vet’s

These pets have no problem expressing their displeasure about being at the veterinarian’s office. This is too funny! (But I can totally relate.)

Going to the doctor is rarely any fun. Most of us put it off far longer than we should. Got the flu? It’s fine, just a cold. Need stitches? Nah, just an extra Band-Aid.

Anyone with a pet can tell you that our dislike of the doctor pales in comparison to how our pets feel about being at the vet’s office. Nothing against our amazing veterinarians out there, but it’s big, full of weird smells, and there are needles. Lots of needles.

1. “Sure, go ahead. Try to bring me to the vet … I dare you!”

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2. “Maybe if I close my eyes, all of this will just go away.”

3. This cat’s gaze promises retribution. Be afraid.

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4. The moment after the cone of shame is attached and we contemplate our life decisions.

5. It’s amazing how much insulted anger can be conveyed in a single gaze. I hope this cat’s person remembered to bring treats. A lot of treats.

By: stratman2

6. “Whoah, what’s that thing?”

By: jazzmasterson

7. That face you make when the doctor brings in a strange instrument and you have a really bad feeling that you know just where it goes.

By: dalesbest

8. Cats can wear the cone of shame too? Who knew? Not this cat. I bet she’ll think twice before she makes fun of the dog next time.

By: skuds

9. “But you said we were going to the park!”

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