10 Pets Who Are Having a Way Better Birthday Than We Ever Will

I’m a little jealous of these pets who know how to get down way better than I do.

My birthday happens to fall in July, and I gotta admit, I’m pretty stoked.

In honor of my birthday, I thought it would be cool to see how our pets celebrate their birthdays — and let me tell you, there are some pets who know how to get down way better than I do. I’m a little jealous, to be honest.

Here are 10 pets who celebrated their birthdays way better than I ever could.


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1. What’s a birthday party without pup pals to help celebrate?

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2. This cat is thrilled with this “special party favor,” but we’re pretty sure the fish has never regretted accepting a birthday party invite more in its life.

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3. The face you make when you’re not sure what to say about a cake that is intended to represent you but falls way short of the mark.

4. Even goth bunnies like to throw on their crown and party down on their birthday.

5. Nothing says birthday like a big fluffy hat and … watermelon?

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6. That moment you realize there are 2 fewer presents than last year.

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7. It’s OK, little buddy. I fully intend to eat as much as I can on my birthday, too.

8. The awkward morning after the big birthday bash when you realize you may have made a few errors in judgment.

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9. Someone always has to take that “memorable” photo that you’re going to see dragged out at every birthday for the rest of your life.

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10. Sometimes you just can’t explain — the best you can do is to give a sheepish grin.

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Happy birthday to all our pets — we hope it’s a great one!

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