10 Pets Who Are More Offended Than You’ll Ever Be

Our pets have the ability to get just as offended as we do when we trod upon their sensibilities. Don’t take my word for it, though: Check out these photos.

These days, it seems as though everyone is offended by just about anything. No statement is safe, no assumption is sound and no viewpoint is ever agreed upon.

But we’re not the only ones affected by the “Era of Offense.” Our pets will not hesitate to show you just how offended they are, too.

Here are 10 pets who can out-offend you any day of the week.

1. Some dogs, like this pug, get miffed when you give any other animal attention. They think you should be unwaveringly loyal only to them. If you utter so much as a “good boy” to another dog, be prepared for this face.

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2. Cats are easy to offend. Something as simple as changing their type of food can bring on the following reaction.

3. Hedgehogs have no problem communicating their feelings of injured offense to us. They simply curl up in a spiky ball and refuse to uncurl for anything. Good luck getting back on this hedgie’s good side.

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4. “Saw you playing with another rabbit. Want to tell me what that was all about?”

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5. This parrot has perfected the “I’m offended” death stare. If I were his mom, I’d be afraid. Very afraid.

6. If you thought your significant other was the master of silent treatment, think again. This dog has them beat paws down.

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7. The face your cat makes when you’re pleading with him to understand why there is a new kitten in residence.

8. “I spent a lot of time growing that fur, Karen. Do you think it’s funny to shave me bald?”

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9. This cat has a reason for being doubly offended: She was told that she stinks and then was tossed in the bath! And her face perfectly represents just how offended she is.

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10. Bearded dragons tend to have a stern appearance anyway, but this one is playing it up to the max when he’s displaced from his cage so it can be cleaned. How dare you clean up after him!

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