8 Cat-Themed T-Shirts That Will Melt Your Brain

Who among us dares to wear these shirts?

I love my cat. And I love T-shirts. Finding a shirt that reflects how awesome cats are is like a bonus. Just yesterday, though, I came across some of the most cringe-worthy cat-themed shirts I’ve ever seen. A cat on a shark vomiting a rainbow? Really?! 

Check out these crazy cat shirts that will melt your brain:

1. Taco Cat

By: Hot Topic

I’m hoping people don’t actually put their cats in a taco. Please tell me they don’t.

2. Burrito Cat

By: Be Wild

Mexican food and cats appear to be a theme.

3. Pizza Cat

By: Goodie Two Sleeves

A cat who looks like a pizza in outer space. Makes sense to me.

4. Cat on Shark Vomiting a Rainbow

By: Goodie Two Sleeves
By: Goodie Two Sleeves

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. No laser beams?

5. Cat Surfing on a Slice of Pizza

By: Goodie Two Sleeves
By: Goodie Two Sleeves

Because cats always surf on slices of pizza.

6. Cat Pigeon

By: Zazzle
By: Zazzle

My brain hurts.

7. Cataclysm in Space

By: The Mountain

Something terrible has happened to the planet, and I’m pretty sure these astronaut cats are to blame somehow.

8. Kitty Wizard

By: Beloved

OK, this one is almost cool. This is what it would look like if Gandalf turned into a cat.

Source: Buzzfeed

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