Unbelievable! Craigslist Ad for “Free Pathetic Dog”

“Doesn’t bark, doesn’t play, just cowers.” The shocking ad was taken down hours later, but not before enraging the animal welfare community.

"Free pathetic dog"
“Free pathetic dog.”

The animal welfare community is in an uproar after a Craigslist ad appeared yesterday, promoting the giveaway of a “pathetic dog” who “doesn’t bark, doesn’t play, just cowers.”

According to the ad, the dog doesn’t run away “when let outside unmonitored on a daily basis,” but runs and hides “if you throw a ball at her.” The dog was also said to not mind being drawn on with a Sharpie. A photo was included showing the dog marked up.

Here is the full text of the ad:

Doesn’t bark, doesn’t play, just cowers: free pathetic dog.

Found this 20lb. mixed breed dog last Christmas in Monterey Park, Los Angeles. According to what the vet says, she’s probably 2.5 years old now. Looks like a Jack Russell’s drug-addled second cousin (but she’s healthy).

PROS: Does not bark, or shed much to speak of. House trained. Does not overeat, so you can just leave her dry dog food in a bowl and refill when it’s empty. Has stuck close to an unfenced residence and not run away when let outside unmonitored on a daily basis. (Well… I tried… but she won’t leave.)

CONS: Does not know what ‘play’ is. If you throw a ball at her, she will run and hide. Any treats given to her have to be handed directly (thrown ones will scare her). More importantly, she cannot keep up as a serious jogging partner.

Friendly and compliant, will sit in your lap if you put her there. Not the cleverest about “jumping” or other “tricks”. Never seen a dog where chasing a treat thrown was a “trick”… but to her, that’s a trick.

Took in for sympathy, but planning a downtown move where dogs won’t be welcome. Would make a good pet for someone who wants a non-barking, non-biting, non-playing dog just to hang out with. She’s cool with pretty much anything… dressing her up in costumes, drawing on her with a sharpie, no problem. (Just don’t throw a treat toward her.)

doesnt bark doesnt play just cowers
Screenshot of the ad on Craigslist

The ad, posted from Pfafftown, North Carolina, was removed just hours later — but not before going viral on Facebook and enraging thousands.

“Sounds like the poor dog has been abused! They don’t act like that for no reason!” commented Karen C. on the Angels for Animals Network Facebook page. Vicky H. agreed: “Obviously this dog is smart and realizes [she] was not liked by his owner — hence the cowering.”

Yet another comment by Cynthia G. sums up the general sentiment: “Can I make believe that someone picked the dog up and then returned to beat the s–t out of the previous owner? Can I please?”

If anyone finds out what happened to this poor dog, let us know. Let’s hope she finds a loving new home where she won’t be ridiculed for “cowering.”

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