10 Hilarious Dogs Who Forgot How to Dog

Dogs are amazing. They’re funny, intelligent and dedicated animals who bond fiercely with their people. Dogs provide years of companionship and love … and sometimes a lot of laughs.

If you’re anything like me, you have plenty of awkward moments where you forget how to “people.” You fall down the stairs for no reason, punch yourself in the face trying to pull up the blanket or try to take a drink and end up having it run down your face.

Just like people, dogs can have epic fail moments — moments when they trip over thin air, crash into a wall or end up taking a ball to the face because they forgot they have to catch it.

Here are 10 examples of dogs who momentarily forgot how to dog.

1. It appears someone has tossed a treat to this dog, who is clearly thrilled but has no idea what to do next.

2. It’s so hard to find just the right sleeping position.

3. I can’t tell if this is a low-key protest to a winter walk or if this is just how this dog does things.

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4. “OK, so explain this ‘step’ thing to me again?”

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5. This samoyed has the mentality of: “Why walk when you can just fly?”

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6. Walking: Some training needed.

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7. These 2 dogs look like creatures you’d find on a magical journey, where one only tells the truth and the other only lies.

8. Please remember to charge your dog before the battery runs out of power.

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9. It can take some practice before your dog fully understands how to use a dog bed.

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10. This Boxer may be trying to get around the “no couch” rule … or could just be practicing yoga.

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