Eye-Catching Shelter Sign Announces: “Live Nude Dogs!”

The gimmick is working — the shelter has been adopting more dogs and cats thanks to the increased attention.

By: SPCA of Hancock County
Well, that will certainly grab your attention. By: SPCA of Hancock County

An animal shelter in Trenton, Maine, has discovered that eye-catching signs yield excellent results when it comes to finding good homes for animals in need.

Recently, the SPCA of Hancock County put up a sign with this provocative line: “Live nude dogs — free lap dances.” The staff shared a photo of the sign on the shelter’s Facebook page.

The shelter has been putting up different signs like this for a while now, having been inspired by signs outside Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital. “The idea has floated around the web for quite some time,” says Diana de los Santos, director of SPCA of Hancock County.

The Response

De los Santos tells us the response to the shelter’s signs has been overwhelmingly positive.

In an interview with Petful, she said, “The only time we got any negative feedback — one person — was on the sign that says, ‘The only balls your dog needs are the ones he fetches.’ My response to that was, ‘You are offended by that? I am offended by all the people who don’t spay and neuter, and those who don’t keep their pets for a lifetime. That trumps you being offended by the word balls.’ She left not so offended.”

De los Santos added: “We are a small, no-kill shelter — meaning we will never euthanize for space. We cannot please everybody, and our focus is on getting animals adopted. Finding good homes for the dogs and cats in our care, that is what matters to us.”

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These are some of the animal hospital's signs that provided inspiration to the shelter in Maine.
Some of the earlier signs that provided inspiration to the shelter in Maine.

Whatever It Takes

De los Santos shared an example of how the sign has made a positive impact. “When we had the sign up about the balls, we were able to get many in the community signed up for spay/neuter clinics,” she said. “That is part of our mission.”

Since the sign’s debut, 2 dogs who had been at the shelter for a long time — as well as quite a few cats — have been adopted.

I have to agree with Elinor H., who commented on Facebook, “Whatever it takes to get people to adopt!”

Source: Bangor Daily News

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