Actress Ellen Page Is Renaming People’s Dogs on Twitter

You know what? She actually seems to have a talent for creative pet names. Tweet her a photo of your mutt and see what happens.

Ellen Page wants to give your pet a new name.
Ellen Page is pretty good at naming dogs, but “Cork Tree” is kind of weird.

Feisty and funny actress Ellen Page might play a character named Kitty Pryde in the upcoming superhero film X-Men: The Last Stand, but recently she has been spending lots of time on Twitter renaming people’s dogs.

In an early-morning tweet, Page wrote, “I love renaming my friends’ dogs like a total jerk.” In response, several of her 937,000 followers sent pictures to Page’s account and asked the actress to try the trick on their own dogs.

And it looks like Page has a real talent for creative pet names.


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The movie star deemed @JadeHopkinson22’s black Labradors “Kurt” and “Russell,” @cdulaney85’s fluffy white pup “Laser,” and @TimothyHart2’s adorable pooch “Cork Tree” (whatever that means).

It’s not just dogs that she’s naming. User @prmrdisorder’s hamster was renamed “Freckles,” and Page even gave songwriter @HarMarSuperstar a new moniker: “Troy.”

Want Ellen Page to rename your dog? Tweet her a photo and she might just give your pet a whole new identity.

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