Is Grumpy Cat Being Pushed Out by This Sour-Faced Pup?

Earl, a 6-month-old puggle, has a look that says: “Go away.”

By: EarlTheGrumpyPuppy
Don’t you want to just kiss his beautiful grumpy face? By: Earl the Grumpy Puppy

We knew it would only be a matter of time before another pet overtook the fame that Grumpy Cat has enjoyed for the past few years. But will this grumpy-looking puggle (pug/beagle mix) be the next big thing?

Earl, who lives in Iowa and is 6 months old, attracted attention after his dad, Derek Bloomfield, posted a snapshot of the grimacing pooch on Reddit (the same social media site that launched Grumpy Cat).

Then came a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. The rising star has gained a few thousand fans since his Internet debut.

Despite his constant frown, Earl is very friendly.
Despite his constant frown, Earl is very friendly.

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Bloomfield says that, contrary to his dog’s appearance, Earl is very sociable and in excellent health. The puggle’s physical features — dark coloring, wrinkles and a distinct underbite — all combine to create his grumpy look.


Sources: Yahoo News, Woofipedia

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