Guy Creates $40 Dog Wheelchair Hack for His Girlfriend’s Dog

It’s not pretty, but it seems to do the trick. Can you see yourself building one of these?

Video stills via: CBS Los Angeles
Benny enjoys being more mobile. Video stills via: CBS Los Angeles

When James Paniagua of Victorville, California, learned that his girlfriend’s 3-year-old Pomeranian mix, Benny, could no longer walk, the 22-year-old took matters into his own hands.

Benny’s human says that with a price tag in the hundreds of dollars, a wheelchair was beyond what she could afford. That’s when Paniagua, who wanted to help in any way he could, began an online search for “dog do-it-yourself wheelchair.”

The instructions were simple enough, and the cost of supplies to build it (PVC pipe, Velcro straps and wheels) seemed reasonable. “Why not? Let’s try it out,” Paniagua recalls thinking.

Paniagua worked on the project for 4 hours. The finished product was a functional — if not exactly beautiful — set of doggy wheels for only $40.

Just call him the MacGyver of doggy wheelchairs.
James Paniagua shows a reporter his DIY doggy wheelchair.

Although Benny still needs help getting around from time to time, he is happiest when he is using his new wheelchair.

“He looks a little more mobile and has a different attitude when in there as opposed to when he’s just dragging along,” says Paniagua.

A few minor changes to this creation should give Benny just what he needs. It’s obvious he already has lots of human love.

Source: CBS

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