10 Pets Who Are Bigger Drama Queens Than You’ll Ever Be

When your human brings home fish but you specifically asked for chicken, you just HAVE to be a drama queen.

“Don’t be such a drama queen!”

Pretty sure all of us have heard that statement once or twice in our lives. And in a lot of cases, well, let’s own it. It’s deserved.

Lucky for us, we humans don’t corner the market on being overdramatic. There are some pets out there that way out-drama anything you or I could pull off.

I’m not sure whether this affords me a defense when someone tells me I am the biggest drama queen on the planet, or if I should be offended that someone can out-drama me.

1. This dog looks like she’s lost her best friend because she has to wait 5 extra minutes for her walk because Mom can’t find her shoes. Seems like a legitimate reaction to me.

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2. Human: Takes away string that could cause injury to cat. Cat: “I will kill you and everything you love.”

By: davdenic

3. When you haven’t had any attention in 5 whole minutes so you assume the “Goodbye, cruel world” pose.

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4. This cat is all of us multiplied by 10 when watching any episode of GoT.

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5. Parent tells you to go lie down, so your entire life becomes a black-and-white movie complete with violins in the background and sorrowful shadows.

By: perpetualsunset

6. Go for a walk when it’s too hot outside? Can’t even.

By: jow

7. This cat is all of us when our kids first start driving.

8. When your pet parent brings home fish, and you specifically asked for chicken.

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9. This overly inflated hedgehog is every introvert when forced to interact with extroverts. I feel you, hedgie.

10. Pretending you’ve lost the ability to dog and just collapsing when you hear the word “bath.”

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