Cats Humor Us With Their “Trumped-Up” Hairdos

#TrumpYourCat has felines all over posing (although not always quite so pleasantly) while wearing their Trump-themed hairstyles.

By: gageskidmore, rebeccavallas
Donald Trump and Donald Purr-ump. By: gageskidmore, rebeccavallas

Donald Trump’s signature hairstyle seems to have sparked a desire in some people to let their cats sport the quirky look — at least long enough to snap a picture.

In 4 simple steps, your cat (or any pet, really) can try out the ‘do and gain a little Internet fame:

  1. Brush your pet’s hair.
  2. Shape the hair you gather into a toupee.
  3. Place the toupée on your pet’s head.
  4. Post the snapshot online, and an instant star is born.

The hardest part will be getting your pets to keep the hairpiece on for any length of time — they may become grumpy when trying to look Trumpy.

A photo posted by Donald Purrump (@trumpyourcat) on

A photo posted by Tom Blankenship (@sometomguy) on

A photo posted by Donald Purrump (@trumpyourcat) on

A photo posted by Donald Purrump (@trumpyourcat) on

See even more photos on Instagram: @trumpyourcat.

Sources: Today, People

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