The Rise of the “Dogs Who Look Like Stuff” Meme

Two of the world’s favorite things — dogs and food — have been paired together in a weird but funny way.

When Karen Zack posted a question on Twitter a while back, little did she know it would create a new meme.

“Labradoodle or fried chicken?” was the epic question appearing alongside a collage of photos of one or the other.

The huge response got her adrenaline flowing, leading to more of the same: “Sheepdog or mop?’ “Chihuahua or muffin?” And so on…

She has created a gallery of different dog breeds and their edible dopplegangers, sharing them with the world on Twitter and Reddit. Others joined in and are sharing their own dog-versus-food creations:

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The meme is already threatening to collapse, though, with photos now surfacing of humans who look like other objects.

Have you ever pictured Donald Trump as a tray of raw chicken? The resemblance is uncanny:

A photo posted by @pedestriantv on

Sources: BuzzFeed, CNET

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