Dogs in Shelter Over 7 Years Still Have No Home

Despite media coverage this year, siblings Gwinn and Rowdy are still waiting for someone to come along and give them a forever home.

Gwinn and Rowdy are still at the shelter after 7 years. By: The Forgotten Pet Advocates
Gwinn and Rowdy are still at the shelter after 7 years. By: The Forgotten Pet Advocates

We reported back in January on brother and sister chow mixes Gwinn and Rowdy — who are still sitting in a Texas shelter despite getting a lot of media attention throughout the year.

This marks the 7th year the pair has been living in a shelter waiting to be adopted.

A shelter life is all the dogs have known except for a brief adoption. Unfortunately, that adoption didn’t work out, and they were returned to the shelter.

A volunteer who takes them out for walks and swims says the dogs are a delight:

“These two fun-loving kids could not wait to go on their nature walk today! They even assist getting the harnesses on, so not to delay the adventure!

They took a swim afterward, and had some admirers on the pier watching them frolic in the lake!”

A Facebook page is still being maintained for the sole purpose of getting these 2 dogs adopted. If you live in the Houston area and are interested in giving Gwinn and Rowdy a home or know someone who might, contact [email protected] for information.

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