10 Dogs Who Are Just Plain Exasperated With Their Offspring

Human parents, you are not alone. Here are 10 puppy parents who just want 5 minutes of peace from their squabbling offspring.

Don’t we all, darlin’?

There are a lot of ways we can relate to pets. They’re smart, funny and do some crazy things. But there is no area more relatable than just trying to get 5 minutes of peace when you have a puppy.

All parents know what a challenge it can be to raise kids and keep them from killing one another, especially when there are breaks from school and they’re in the house together all day long.

The dog moms below truly feel your pain. In fact, they epitomize your pain.


1. The face you make when you’ve been trapped in the house with the kids all day and it’s raining and they got bored 10 hours ago.

Photo: h_g_aussies

2. This is the exact look you give your kid when he’s sassed you one too many times and you are on your last nerve.

Photo: raynamcginnisphotography

3. When you finally have all of them down for a nap, and you sit close by to ensure that nobody wakes them up … because if someone wakes up even one, you’re gonna kill them.

Photo: madreinus

4. “They just won’t … stop … eating! Am I a cow? Am I?”

Photo: joseitoboriken

5. That moment when you’re so tired of your kids that you’re ready to package them up and send them anywhere else.

Photo: kitkatthesheltercat

6. The face you make when the kids have been fighting all day and you’ve just decided to let them have at it. You’ll feed the victor dinner.

Photo: woofledoodles

7. When the kids are actually playing quietly and you don’t want to disturb the dynamic, but you have to check and make sure that none of them actually killed the other ones.

Photo: thrifthound2000

8. When you’re a mom, you’ll take a nap anywhere you can get some peace.

Photo: bamboozledesign

9. The face you make when the words “Who do you think you’re talking to?” are about to come out of your mouth and now you understand why your own mother always seemed half-crazy.

Photo: bridiegreyhound

10. When you’ve heard the word “Mom!” one too many times, but you’re in public so you can’t snap.

Photo: 2toretto

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