This Doggy Train Just Put the Biggest Smile on My Face

Eugene Bostick rolls down the street in this custom train, bringing joy to his rescue-pup passengers.

By: Tiffany Johnson
Eugene Bostick and his brother are caring for 9 dogs. This is the entertainment. By: Tiffany Johnson

An 80-year-old Texas retiree is devoting his senior years to improving the quality of life for the many stray dogs he has taken in.

After retiring 15 years ago, Eugene Bostick realized that many dogs were being dumped in his neighborhood. He and his brother began caring for the animals — and getting them spayed or neutered. Right now, they have 9 dogs.

One day, Bostick came up with a novel way to bring some adventure into the dogs’ lives. He gathered up plastic barrels, cut holes in them, added wheels and then hooked the carts together, caboose-style.

The result? An awesome doggy train.

All aboard! By: Satci
All aboard! By: Satci

Twice a week Bostick takes his passengers for a spin around town and along the countryside.

“Whenever [the dogs] hear me hooking the tractor up to it, man, they get so excited,” Bostick told The Dodo. “They all come running and jump on their own. They’re ready to go.”

Occasionally, the train gets stopped by someone wanting to take a photo. But for Bostick, the unique contraption isn’t about publicity — it’s about bringing a little joy to his former strays.

Sources: The Dodo, Bored Panda

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