Wait Till You See This Brave Pup’s Incredible Weight Loss Photo

“Fat Vincent” has gone from chunky to hunky, losing more than 20 pounds. Look at him now!

Vincent had little energy when he was first rescued. Video stills via: CNN
Vincent had very little energy when he was first rescued. Video stills via: CNN

Eight months ago, Fat Vincent, a 7-year-old Dachshund, found himself living at a shelter after his human’s death.

The dog was extremely overweight, tipping the scales at 38 pounds. His quality of life left much to be desired as it slowly deteriorated.

He was unhealthy, could barely walk and was at risk of nerve damage due to the strain his weight was putting on his small frame.

“He was friendly,” says his veterinarian, “but I could barely discern between his lying-down and standing-up positions. With his short little legs, there was very little clearance between the floor and his chest and abdomen.”

With guidance, love and lots of willpower, Vincent now weighs 17 pounds, and he’ll soon be ready to go to a new home. Last week, he showed off his new look on Good Morning America.

Way to go, “Skinny Vinnie”!

Skinny Vinnie
Vincent has lost half his body weight — an amazing feat.

Source: The Dogington Post

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