Dog’s Tattoo Sparks Anger Among Animal Lovers

Tattoo artist Mistah Metro inked a red, Cupid-style heart with his and his wife’s names on his dog’s shoulder. The backlash came instantly.

This dog's name is neither Alex nor Mel.
Despite the tattoo that says “Alex – Mel,” this dog’s name is neither Alex nor Mel.

A Brooklyn, New York, tattoo artist is getting a lot of unexpected attention after he posted an online photo of his pit bull mix, Zion, sporting a freshly inked tattoo.

Alex Avgerakis, a.k.a. Mistah Metro, who works at the Red Legged Devil tattoo parlor, boasted in the photo caption: “My dog is cooler than yours.”

According to him, Zion was having his spleen removed and the veterinarian allowed him to tattoo Zion while she was still sedated. Located in a shaved area of the dog’s shoulder, the tattoo features a red, Cupid-style heart with the names Alex and Mel (Metro and his wife) inked inside.

As you might expect, the photo went viral, and animal lovers were angered. Demands for the dog to be taken away from Metro, as well as threats against him, came pouring in.

Tattooing a Dog Is Not Illegal

An ASPCA spokesperson says that although tattooing a dog is not illegal, the group does not condone such actions, except for identification purposes.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reported on a dog being given a tattoo for what appears to be purely artistic purposes. About a year ago, we alerted you to a North Carolina man who had tattooed 2 of his dogs, and CNN quoted us on that case.

Does this mean artistic dog tattoos are becoming a trend? Let’s hope not.

Gone Into Hiding

Metro is not returning calls from reporters and has deactivated his social media accounts.

Chris Torres, the former NY Ink reality TV show cast member who owns the tattoo parlor, stresses that the tattooing was done during Metro’s off-hours and that the business had no part in it.

However, he says, “Metro is no longer tattooing here.”

The New York Post shares this video of Zion leaving the vet clinic:

Sources: New York Post, Daily Mail

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