Dog Survives Gunshot to Head; Just Wants to High-Five Everyone

The victim of a police shooting, Marty has one big dream: to find lifelong happiness with a human.

By: martohas
As of publication time, high-fiving Marty is still available for adoption on Long Island, New York. By: martohas

A 2-year-old dog named Marty is determined to be a friend to humans, even though he was shot in the head by one several months ago.

Marty, a stray, was shot by a police officer as he approached her. The officer apparently assumed he was being aggressive and opened fire. (Marty wasn’t the first dog she has shot in her police career — she had one prior dog shooting.)

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Staff at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in New York say Marty is far from aggressive. He is calm and always holds his paw up to befriend anyone he meets, they say.

Marty finds the shelter life very stressful, according to shelter staff.
Marty finds the shelter life “super stressful,” according to staff at Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter and Adoption Center.

Since arriving at the shelter, Marty has shown nothing but gentleness and kindness. Volunteer Andrea Zizzo tearfully remembers her first meeting with him. Despite a gunshot wound to his face and a broken jaw, he looked up at her lovingly, tail wagging with anxiety.

Little is known of his past, but one thing’s for certain. Aside from eagerly obeying commands such as “sit” and “stay,” Marty is eager to win the love of humans — his “high-five” wave is the first clue.

High-five! By: martohas
High-five! By: martohas

Source: BarkPost

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