Dog Survives Being Shot 3 Times. And Now? Yet Another Miracle.

Colt had been cruelly left to die, his devastating injuries requiring multiple surgeries. Now comes the biggest moment of his life.

By: Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter
Colt’s jaw and nose were shattered. Later, a front leg had to be amputated. By: Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter

On a freezing-cold day in January, a good Samaritan stumbled across Colt, a 3-year-old pit bull/boxer mix. Colt was lying on the ground on the side of a road — and he had been shot 3 times in the head and left to die.

The horrified person called animal control officials, who took Colt to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (CCAS) in Valley View, Ohio. The dog’s jaw and nose were shattered, and Colt later underwent surgery to remove his front leg.

Private donations helped pay for the surgeries, which he miraculously survived. And despite being treated so cruelly, Colt remains affectionate and loving toward people.

“He’s doing well now and is a happy, loving guy,” CCAS said in a Facebook post.

Sadly, the person who did this to Colt has not been found. We can only hope he or she is found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But we’re happy to report that Colt has found his real miracle — a forever home. Shortly after Colt’s story was released to the media, CCAS posted on its Facebook page that he had been adopted: “Our sweet little Colt, who had been shot numerous times before coming to CCAS, found his forever family!”

We wish Colt the best of luck and all the happiness in the world with his new family.

Source: BarkPost

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