He Didn’t Want a Home If It Meant Being Without His Soul Mate

A newly adopted mixed breed named Ben rushed back to the shelter. Why? Because Jade, his soul mate, was still there.

Ben refused to leave Jade behind. By: WTWO
Ben, right, refused to leave Jade behind.

Getting adopted is usually viewed as the best day of a dog’s life.

So why did Ben, a mixed-breed dog in Terre Haute, Indiana, leave his new home to walk 10 miles in freezing temperatures to return to the shelter?

The answer to that is simple: He did it out of love.

Ben used to be on the streets with Jade, a 1-year-old German Shepherd mix. The pair lived freely, with kind neighbors feeding them, until Jade got pregnant. At that point, the pair of dogs were whisked off to the local shelter, and Jade went to a foster home to have her puppies.

She returned to the shelter and saw Ben again, but the reunion was cut short: Ben was getting adopted, and Jade wasn’t going with him.

Courtney and Jason Lawler adopted Ben, and 3 weeks later he was gone.

When he arrived back at the shelter and saw Jade, he ran to her and licked her through the fence.

Realizing that Ben would continue to run away to return to Jade, the Lawlers found a solution: They adopted Jade, too.

Source: WTWO

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