Previously Thought to Be Infertile, Mastiff Is Mom to 18 Puppies

Disappointment turned into joy for a family when their mastiff amazed them by giving birth to a healthy litter of 1.5 dozen puppies.

Wall-to-wall puppies! By: WTVA News
Wall-to-wall puppies! By: WTVA News

The Suggs family of Holly Springs, Mississippi was saddened to learn that their 3-year-old English mastiff, Kimber, was unable to conceive.

With that in mind, the family saw no reason to separate Kimber from their male mastiff, Magnum.

However, fate stepped in and before long — you guessed it — Kimber became pregnant.

With the already supersized English mastiff weighing 150 pounds (plus the weight of her soon-to-come puppies), Kimber couldn’t get on the X-ray table, so the veterinarian predicted 11 puppies.

When Kimber didn’t seem to be feeling well last week, her family took her straight to the veterinarian. An emergency C-section was performed in an effort to save her life, as well as the lives of her unborn puppies.

The Suggses were in for yet another surprise — there were 18 pups in all!

Overjoyed that both mama and babies are doing fine, the Suggses are pitching in to help Kimber care for her enormous litter as she recuperates from her surgery. Bottle feedings are a pleasure, and the reality of seeing the puppies alive and well with each coming day is their greatest reward.

According to Guinness World Records, the largest known number of puppies ever born to 1 litter stands at 24, a record set by a Neapolitan mastiff in 2009.

Source: Daily Mail


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