Spaniel’s Perfectly Highlighted Hair Inspires New Dog Meme

People are zooming in on photos of their dogs’ hair to get inspiration for their own hairdos.

A Twitter photo posted by Kerbie Gibbs has dog lovers around the world in a head spin.

In her post, Gibbs, 21, suggested that her English Springer Spaniel was the perfect advocate for human hairstyles. With his caramel-colored highlights and waves on his ears, Ruger donned the perfect ‘do to show a hair stylist.

Ruger “has been spending a lot of time in the sun, so his fur got tons of natural highlights,” Gibbs tells BuzzFeed.

Gibbs’ tweet went viral (garnering nearly 700,000 likes and 200,000-plus retweets), creating a new meme.

Gibbs says she’s thrilled that beautiful dog hair has gained recognition and brought so many people together.

“I’m just thankful that so many people came together and bonded over something positive, like beautiful dog hair,” she says.

Sources: BuzzFeed, FOX

Gayle Hickman

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