Rescued Pit Bull Befriends Cow Who Escaped Slaughter

This gentle (but massive) cow loves to cuddle and give kisses.

A cow named Wesley and a pit bull named Chance each have their own sad stories from earlier in their lives, but together they’re both leading happy lives now.

Six years ago, Mindy Mallett, founder of Sunrise Sanctuary in Marysville, Ohio, spotted Wesley while at a farm picking up some turkeys. She walked over to him. The calf sucked on Mallett’s fingers and slathered her with kisses.

When Mallett found out that he was awaiting a trip to the slaughterhouse, she bought him and took him home with her.

Once at the sanctuary, Wesley bonded right away with Chance, a 9-year-old pit bull. Chance had been rescued from the clutches of abuse — his previous human kept him locked 24/7 in a bathroom.

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Wesley and Chance seem to bring each other comfort. Even as the calf began getting larger and larger, growing into an adult cow weighing something approaching 3,000 pounds, Chance remained a friend.

Wesley has a way with people. His personality alone draws visitors to his side, and he befriends all the animals at the sanctuary.

Source: The Dodo

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