From Shy Rescue Dog to Brave Lion

Photographer watches as her dog finds his true self in this set of magical photos.

While visiting Spain, Julia Marie Werner found a stray dog rummaging through her garbage.

The photographer was unexplainably drawn to the dog and couldn’t just walk away from him. Naming him Tschikko, she brought him home to Germany with her.

Given that the unkempt canine had presumably been living on the streets of Spain for quite some time, his adjustment to a normal life (with a loving companion) is progressing well.

Despite some lingering fears, Tschikko has learned to trust Werner. His eagerness to explore with her outweighs any doubts he may have as the two share an adventurous life.

Werner created an exhibit called GROSSSTADTLÖWE, which translates to “Big City Lion,” in honor of her pet’s brave and courageous nature. Through photographs, Tschikko becomes a true jungle king, helping Werner learn a valuable lesson in life:

“No matter where you’ve come from, as long as you are curious and keep a smile on your face, there is no limit to what you can be.”

Source: Feature Shoot

Gayle Hickman

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