Dog Can’t Stop Grinning After His Shelter Days End in Happiness

His happiness really shines through!

These days, Kobe is all smiles. By: Baltimore Bully Crew
These days, Kobe is all smiles. By: Baltimore Bully Crew

Kobe arrived at a shelter in Maryland recently — skinny, heartworm infested and very timid. It was apparent that the frightened dog, who was around 4 years old, hadn’t received much attention in his lifetime.

Ending up at the shelter was, perhaps, a blessing in disguise. It was ultimately the first step in the process of securing Kobe’s future — one filled with love and companionship.

Sean and Jade Stinchcomb have been fostering Kobe, adding him to their furry family of 2 pit bulls and 4 cats.

Kobe’s first treat when he left the shelter was an ice cream cone. Since then, tasty treats have been plentiful for him, as have hugs and kisses. His happy-go-lucky personality is emerging as he lets go of the sad memories of his past life and welcomes his new ones.

Source: BarkPost

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