Hero Dad Steals His Family’s Dog Back From Thief

A young girl got her wish after her heartbreaking video went viral and a tip led her dad right to the stolen dog.

Simba's story was shared widely on social media.
Simba’s story was shared widely on social media.

Ellie-May Walton, 7, of Bloxwich, England, was devastated when her family’s pomeranian was stolen recently.

On a video posted to Facebook, the sobbing, heartbroken child begged for Simba’s safe return. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she said, “I can’t sleep without him. I want him back in his spot where he sits with me, sleeps with me.”

Ellie-May breaks down during a video pleading for her dog's return.
Ellie-May breaks down during a video pleading for her dog’s return.

As a result of the video, within a few days the family received a tip about the dog’s disappearance. Ellie-May’s dad, Phillip Walton, wasted no time in following up on it.

After walking for miles, Walton crawled across fields in the darkness of night. Suddenly, he heard a noise he knew all too well — Simba’s bark. When he reached Simba, Walton saw a heavy metal chain around the dog’s neck. Food and water were nowhere in sight.

The pair returned home at 4 a.m., at which time Walton and his pregnant wife, Jessica, woke up Ellie-May and her brothers (Phillip, 9, and Jacob, 3) so the whole family could welcome Simba home.


Another Facebook message, along with a snapshot of Ellie-May holding her beloved pet, was posted with this caption: “To the people who stole our Simba. Back at ya cos we’ve got him back home.”

Source: Express & Star

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