Custom Clipping: Newest Fashion Trend for Horses?

These elaborate designs are making horses even more stunning than they already are.

This design is called "The Armour of Love." By: JMC Equestrian
This design is called “Armour De L’amore.” Photos by: JMC Equestrian

A horse is a horse, of course, of course — unless that horse has one of these incredible haircuts.

JMC Equestrian Driving & Custom Clipping, of northwest England, has been showing off some striking trims done using clipping shears.

When the idea first popped up, pattern designs were limited and simple — hearts, bees or stars. As interest in the concept grew, so did the pattern options. Now there are elaborate full-coat designs, done completely free-handed.


Although having an unusual haircut will make the horses stand out, keeping the coats trimmed is said to help prevent the fur from matting.

The clips aren’t without their controversy. “There were many people getting irate over what is, essentially, simply a haircut,” JMC Equestrian says on its Facebook page. However, “no animal is ever forced to stand or made to feel uncomfortable” during the trims.

“In fact, they actually quite enjoy the whole experience,” maintains JMC Equestrian.


Sources: She Knows, The Dodo

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