Cop Risks Life to Rescue Pit Bull Puppy From Burning Home

Officers like Robert Breitfeller show us that although police do have to play it tough at times, there IS a heart beneath their uniforms.

By: Stroud Area Regional Police Department
Officer Robert Breitfeller with Smokey. By: Stroud Area Regional Police Department

Police officers have a tough job, many times putting their own lives on the line to save the lives of others.

Officer Robert Breitfeller of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, was put in that position recently, risking his life to save a puppy.

When Breitfeller arrived at a burning home, he first made sure everyone was safely out of the building. All of the family members, though visibly shaken, were accounted for — except for Smokey, a pit bull puppy.

Not wasting a moment, Breitfeller began kicking down the front door. He entered the fiery residence to rescue the puppy. Within minutes, he came out with a frightened pet clinging to his chest.

Smokey’s family members were overcome with relief that he was  safe. They will forever be thankful to this police officer for his heroic actions to rescue their pet.

Source: The Dodo

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