Dad Goes Completely Overboard With Contract to Kids for a Dog

Maybe he’s just trying to be funny. But he comes off sounding like an unrealistic jerk.

Choosing a pet should be a family affair, with the parents (of course) making sure that all’s well with the choice.

Although one particular dad wanted to make his kids happy, he also felt inclined to lay down a few ground rules — in the form of a contract signed by each of his 4 children — before getting a dog.

The contract consisted of 13 “points of interest.” For starters, the breed of dog, as well as the dog’s name, would have to meet Dad’s approval. Secondly, plain ol’ dog food would be the new family member’s diet. No shedding, no slobbering, no scratching … Come on, this is ridiculous!

With all of his strict rules that zap all the fun out of getting a pet in the first place, Dad did at least bend a little on what size the dog could be. Despite originally demanding a weight of 10 pounds or less, he decided to raise that option to 15 pounds.

Here’s the signed contract:

Snotty noses and scratched-up floors: Is Dad even ready for CHILDREN? By: Imgur

Let’s hope the dog gets to experience the best in life — love, health and happiness. And perhaps this dad will lighten up some as he watches his children bond with their new friend.

Who knows? He may even become a total softie once he realizes how much joy an animal can bring to your life.

Source: PopSugar

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