Li’l Help? Chihuahua Finds Herself Up a Tree With No Way Down

Firefighters bring her safely down from her 25-foot-high perch.

By: Kern County Animal Services
Turns out Petra is quite the climber. Photos by: Kern County Animal Services

Cats aren’t the only climbing pets these days. This week, a Chihuahua named Petra found herself looking longingly at the ground beneath her as she sat among the top branches of a tall cypress tree.

Given Petra’s position 25 feet up in the air, the experience had to be quite traumatic for the little explorer.

As firefighters with the Kern County Fire Department in Bakersfield, California, arrived, they could hardly believe what they were seeing. Rescuing cats from trees was common, but this type of rescue was definitely rare.

One of the men climbed a ladder and picked Petra up, escorting her safely down in his arms. Shortly after her paws touched solid ground, Petra was reunited with her thankful human.

You're safe now, Petra.
You’re safe now, Petra.

Source: The Dodo

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