Beware of Chickens Crossing Road and Looking Fabulous in Neon Vests

With more and more chickens switching to life in the city, one town is taking precautions to protect them from being run over by cars.

Bright vests help motorists see the chickens.
Bright vests make the chickens more visible to drivers.

Chickens in England are practicing safety on the streets, thanks to Omlet, a ritzy supply house for egg merchants.

Some chickens are now being seen teetering across the streets in colorful neon vests.

It is hoped that the fluorescent patch of color will make the feathered night-strollers more visible to motorists. Although chickens are noted for their “early to bed, early to rise” natures, city streetlights tend to keep them confused as to what time of day it really is.

Although we may never know why these chickens are crossing the road, at least they will be highly visible and colorful.

Crossing the road in style — and safety.
Crossing the road in style — and safety.

Source: Telegraph

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