Cesar Millan Shows Us How NOT to Rehabilitate a Dog

If you have a dog who attacks pigs, why would you bring him into a pig pen enclosure with pigs in it and then let the dog loose?

Pigs, meet your attacker. Video still via Nat Geo Wild.
Pigs, meet your attacker. Video still via Nat Geo Wild.

What’s the best way to retrain a pig-killing dog? Why, bring the dog around more pigs and then let him off his leash, of course.

At least that’s how Cesar Millan views things.

The controversial celebrity dog rehabilitator’s tactics have come under fire a number of times over the years. In a 2012 video, to take just one example, we see Millan lifting a Husky off the ground by the neck.

Millan’s newest tactic, however, really has people scratching their heads. If you have a dog who attacks pigs, why would you bring him into a pig pen enclosure with pigs in it and then let the dog loose? In a clip from a recent episode of Cesar 911, we can see the dog named Simon arriving at Millan’s Dog Psychology Center after having already previously killed 2 pet pigs.

In the video, Millan says, “I’m putting Simon in a controlled situation as part of his rehabilitation.” This is at the 1:30 mark. Clearly, rehab in the canine world goes much faster than in the human world, because at 1:45, Simon is deemed rehabilitated enough to remove his leash.

Predictably, at 1:55, Simon attacks the pigs. Good call, Cesar Millan.

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Many animal rights activists and trainers believe Millan should be charged with a crime in this case. This may “qualify as ‘baiting’ under the various state and federal dog and animal fighting statutes,” says animal behaviorist Jim Crosby.

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Update, April 11, 2016: An investigation by the Department of Animal Care and Control in Los Angeles County ended with no charges being filed. The district attorney said there was insufficient evidence of abuse.

Sources: ABC, The Dodo, Live Science

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