Cesar Millan Slapped With Lawsuit After Dog Attacks Woman

The Dog Whisperer’s training center is being accused of releasing a vicious pit bull well before he was fully rehabilitated.

Cesar Millan's training center says he was not involved at all.
Cesar Millan’s training center says he was not involved.

Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer” whose training techniques are both loved and loathed, is being sued by a not-so happy Florida nurse.

Alison Bitney says she was viciously attacked by a pit bull named Gus in September — just 6 days after being released from Millan’s Dog Psychology Center.

In 2013, Gus had been found to be a threat to the public and was ordered to be euthanized. The center agreed to take custody of the dog, planning to keep him until he was “fully deemed a safe member of society,” according to the lawsuit.

Jen Woodard, the center’s director, says Gus was released from the center despite objections from his trainer. After attacking Bitney, the dog was returned to the center and quarantined.

Bitney’s attorneys say Gus was released too early — and that he was relinquished to someone at the center (not Millan) who was inexperienced in handling aggressive dogs.

Bitney was said to have suffered severe injuries, including the permanent loss of feeling and use of her left hand.

Sources: Daily News, LA Times


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