9 Cats Doing Their Favorite, Most Hilarious Yoga Poses

Check out these funny pics of some very dexterous cats demonstrating their best yoga maneuvers.

Cat people will be the first to tell you that their 4-legged companions are some of the most dexterous creatures in the world.

It makes sense, then, that cats would choose yoga as their exercise of choice. Not only is it good for them, but they’re also really good at it — well, their version of yoga, anyway.

Here are 9 yogi cats demonstrating their best poses.


1. What’s that? Oh, namaste to you, too.

By: Imgur
Photo: Imgur

2. Yogi fact: You cannot fully be at peace until you are able to contort your body like this cat.

By: DuchessM/Imgur
Photo: DuchessM

3. I think this is how you do the cinnamon roll.

By: kahanamirah/Imgur
Photo: kahanamirah

4. You’ve heard of downward dog? This is sideways cat.

By: Bonndar/Imgur
Photo: Bonndar

5. It’s unclear whether this cat is actually doing yoga or if he’s just stuck in the couch.

By: Imgur
Photo: SeymourCAT

6. Wait a second. I think this cat forgot how to yoga.

By: Imgur
Photo: spoonfacekillah

7. A friendly reminder: Don’t forget to take stretch breaks at your desk.

By: edemardil/Imgur
Photo: edemardil/Imgur

8. Is there anything better than starting your day with an outdoor morning yoga sesh?

By: Imgur
Photo: hoot321

9. Now, this is our idea of yoga.

By: Imgur
Photo: Imgur

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